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Everything about the 1971, 1972 & 1973 Ford Mustang

7173Mustangs turns 10 and still growing!

July 2020 marked 10 years for! That is a pretty nice landmark for any internet site considering all of the competition out there anymore! Facebook is probably the number one forum killer on the web today…it’s fast, easy and just about everyone is already using it. But Facebook has several flaws that should keep…
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1971 …what a great year.

What was happening in 1971? NASA sent more Earth creatures into space on Apollo 14 – the third manned mission to the moon – with Alan Shepard using the moon as a golf course for the first time. Average income in US was $10k Men wore impossible side burns, viva Zapata moustaches and gaudy suits…
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Investment cars

I could never be like an investment banker; typically a guy wearing a permanently serious expression nailed to his face, adorned in a grey suit. But like most, the banker, other people and I, also have to do that day to day thing of “going to work”. Look at it this way wake up…
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