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Everything about the 1971, 1972 & 1973 Ford Mustang

Here is the news

Well, the forums are full of activity again…

71 Mustangs made 50th anniversary this year … mine turned 50 in May this year, as did so many others … and yes… I made him a cake and we celebrated.

fordismyboss has is big block out in public…. Someone, please call the authorities.
RIBS, has found holes. I think it’s so people you’ve locked in the trunk… to dispose of later, can breathe.
bdennis has gone for amber turn signals … we know Aussies are just a bunch of flashers :-p
has to have his nuts tightened because he’s lost his bearings…. I’m sure hot girls are involved in this somewhere.

Is fiddling with his suspension … oh NO ! ! ! ! please don’t turn it into a low rider.

Stewart, Has come in as new member from Aus (…do you come from a land down-under?) and brought ”funnel web spiders” with him … just don’t get into his car without a full security sweep first.

73inNH Is trying to get his “rod” and his “bar” into place…. Chat to your girlfriend, she’ll know just how to do that :-p
Marty Report postings are up – check out the history… I cant wait for the day when one comes back with “previous owner” Jay Leno.    

As a passing note…one of the best gentlemen in the business…  Dusty Hill of ZZ Top passed away this week. But look on the bright side folks – he lived a full life giving us fantastic showmanship and huge moonshine fuelled rock.