Investment cars

Everything about the 1971, 1972 & 1973 Ford Mustang

Investment cars

I could never be like an investment banker; typically a guy wearing a permanently serious expression nailed to his face, adorned in a grey suit. But like most, the banker, other people and I, also have to do that day to day thing of “going to work”.

Look at it this way wake up to the clock, have breakfast to the clock, going to work to the clock, eating lunch to the clock, coming home to the clock, going to bed to the clock…And at the end of this ritual, when you come to retirement, the day when society has decided your worth has been all but wrung out of you, having no more to offer because your hair has gone the same color as your suit …what do they give you as a gift?… a god damned clock!

Then of course there is the dreary, hopeless activity during your working period of going through joyless pension brochures, covered with photos of people who looked like your Grandparents, grinning at each other, giving you this illusion that they are sapping up the good life. When you know in your heart of hearts that it is all an illusion, as they too struggled to make ends meet.

But in all your perspicacity you had something hidden up your sleeve…A different investment package…some good news is heading your way.

Now the 71-73 Mustangs are getting the credit they have always deserved, their values are beginning to take off.  Not only is this pension plan more exciting than a pension, this activity is outstripping market performance. Now I’m starting so sound like that investment banker.  

You are now in the world of appreciating assets.  Classic cars in general have shot up some 190% over the past three years and the trend still continues.

One notices that the 429CJ’s and Boss351’s get all the attention based on rarity with the Sprint coming in a close 3rd place. Over here COY’s auctions just disposed of a standard “05” body “H” code for £32,000 in near showroom condition.

So next time you see someone in their humdrum, mundane Euro-shit-box that depreciates faster than a fridge freezer that’s been hurled off a building – and going to work building on a pension plan that makes the price of a cheeseburger every month; you can drive your 71-73 Mustang, try out your latest self-satisfied, smug grin..enjoy the appreciation and have enormous FUN into the bargain.