Month: May 2020

Everything about the 1971, 1972 & 1973 Ford Mustang

Members Rides

PonyPastor (A.K.A. Tim Cole) We asked Tim what’s been going on? and as you can see he’s been a bit busy Here’s his story I restored my first car as a 16-year old. Using the term “restored” is quite a stretch when one considers the crude nature of my work. But it was a rewarding…
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Forum news

The forums are full of sweaty, beered up wrenching types again. Rocketfoot has turned to high fashion … the Paris catwalk will fill his “Tees” with boobs on hot babes… oh look; Barry fainted at the thought; anyone got a bucket of icy water?rjpohl is busy bleeding … anyone sent for an ambulance?GeoBW is trying…
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The road to hell?

Either you are from what I label as the “knitted cardigan brigade”…the hunchback be-moaners who sit in their wing backed armchairs, awaiting that inevitable day they expire from this planet to go off to do something more useful. You know the type… The ones that when a conversation breaks out about cars, they always pull…
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