Author: Shire Horse

Everything about the 1971, 1972 & 1973 Ford Mustang

Investment cars

I could never be like an investment banker; typically a guy wearing a permanently serious expression nailed to his face, adorned in a grey suit. But like most, the banker, other people and I, also have to do that day to day thing of “going to work”. Look at it this way wake up…
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Here is the news:

Activity in the forums is on the increase. Machattack is scouring every junkyard for Headlight Bezels,JScott’s AirCon still isn’t working – no doubt when it does the interior of his car will be like a winter in Montana.Spike Morelli (I guess by the name he’s Italian) …Basically, someone tried to whack him. Perhaps he should…
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Electrified Classics and Smart Roads (Thought for the day)

There are things I never really want to know about… How commodities and derivatives work, the tax form I file every year, the mathematical complexity behind Mandelbrot sets and personal pensions; all equally mind gurglingly, brain pummellingly depressing. Excitement is a positive thing – it engages all the energetic parts within you. It tends to…
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