Electrified Classics and Smart Roads (Thought for the day)

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Electrified Classics and Smart Roads (Thought for the day)

There are things I never really want to know about… How commodities and derivatives work, the tax form I file every year, the mathematical complexity behind Mandelbrot sets and personal pensions; all equally mind gurglingly, brain pummellingly depressing.

Excitement is a positive thing – it engages all the energetic parts within you. It tends to show itself when you were 8 years old if someone drives by in a Lamborghini Countach LP400. You can’t say the same if it were a Peugeot 406 now, can you?

When I hear about the next review of latest gen Volvo XC90, smart roads, electrified classics or self-driving cars; why do I want my eyes gouged out with spoons?

If we’ve learned anything, it’s not to trust technology for technologies’ sake …and yet, when the internet came about, we all charged at the cliff like lemmings and signed up to everything going.

Not that I have anything against this, I just wish sometimes, we collectively took stock of the situation and approach new technology with some intelligence and a healthy amount of scepticism and suspicion.

I wonder what would happen if I turned up to a 7173 meet with an “R” code Boss 351; having just had it gutted and electrified? Then added the future tech that tells it where it is on the road so you don’t drive it anymore – it drives itself. I wonder how the 7173 community would deal with this?

I imagine a huge hairy lynch mob made up of big, sweaty, 7173 members, all wailing loudly, beating their chests, waving spanners frantically, whilst they have me tied up, tarred, feathered …then, no doubt, run me out of town like the common, disgraceful, outcast leper that I am.

I’d deserve it.