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Everything about the 1971, 1972 & 1973 Ford Mustang

Motorcity Mustang

We managed to speak with Mike, the proprietor of Motorcity Mustang and a collector. I’m grateful he managed to take time out of a busy business schedule to do this. An interesting car and parts business that helps a lot around 7173. Parts supply is very important to us, without which our problems would escalate.

MotorCity Mustangs

Describe your business – I have a Mustang parts business for fun.   I have 35+ Mustang parts cars that I take parts off of and restore them to sell.  Parts are sold through various Mustang websites and also through my ebay store

How long have you been running MotorCity Mustang?  I have played around with the parts business since 2003.

What got you into the business?  I found folks were coming to me with Mustangs they thought I would be interested in restoring for my collection, but some of them were pretty poor Mustangs so I ended up buying them for parts.   People started asking me to restore their parts for them after looking at some of my restorations, so I thought why not restore the parts from the parts cars and sell those.

What are the worst mistakes people can do ?  Not having fun in the hobby. People should enjoy their cars no matter what shape they are in.

What is your favorite task?  Detailing parts for my own restoration projects

What is your least favorite task?  Cleaning grease and undercoating off wiring harnesses!

What is your most popular service?  Selling parts is the most popular. Bead-blasting parts for other folks is something else I do. We sell our Mustangs when a lower mileage one for the collection comes along. 

Has much changed in the market over the past few years ?  The 71-73 Mustang are really starting to gain popularity and the original parts are harder to find.  Reproduction parts are coming into the picture, so that is helping.   Prices are beginning to rise on the big horses, but folks still either love them or hate them.