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Everything about the 1971, 1972 & 1973 Ford Mustang

Forum news

The forums are full of sweaty, beered up wrenching types again.

Rocketfoot has turned to high fashion … the Paris catwalk will fill his “Tees” with boobs on hot babes… oh look; Barry fainted at the thought; anyone got a bucket of icy water?
rjpohl is busy bleeding … anyone sent for an ambulance?
GeoBW is trying to discover how to get some flares .. someone send him back to 1971 clothing stores
Ballaratcastle has only got 9 inches, which is upsetting his input/output ratio – …all the chicks in his neighborhood are going to be real disappointed !
NewAgeMuscle has discovered a new and exciting method of making a wiring harness into a BBQ – dont you just love the smell of hot plastic, in the afternoon ?.. in a car???
Mjseakan is cranking his knob in public … oh boy! …are the police on site yet?
JScott thinks the steering is too tight … stop driving down the rail tracks !

Machattack is drilling holes in his rear end … [comment unfit, even for the internet !]
Galucha’s car thinks it’s a boat

and Everwood’s temp sensor has Coronavirus

Woohoo another great week in lockdown !